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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Koh Samui - Ultimate Travel Destination of South East Asia Thailand

There are five regions of Thailand: North, Northeast, East, Central, and South, which are divided into 75+1 provinces, each geographically distinct from the others; each Thailand province contains unique cultural, historical, and natural attractions from the northern peaks (replete with wildlife and home to exotic hill tribes) and the central plains (the “Rice Bowl of Asia”) to the northeastern plateau (stretching to the Mekong River border with Laos) and the spectacular beaches and islands of the south including both Phuket and Koh Samui.

Someone painted the sky … Sunset over Five Islands |
Koh Samui | Thailand
Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand (bordering the South China Sea in the Pacific Ocean). The island is a "Amphoe" or district in the Surat Thani Changwat or province. Samui is divided into seven "Tambon" or sub districts (administrative regions): Maenam, Bophut, Maret, Taling Ngam, Namuang, Lipa Noi and Angthong. Koh Samui has been a backpackers destination since late 70's. Today, tourist from the whole world go to this easygoing "paradise". It is surrounded by more than sixty other islands, some small and inhabited, some are larger such as Koh Phangan and Koh Tao (divers island). Other popular destinations in the area are: Koh Nang Yuan (next to Koh Tao) and the Angthong National Marine Park (located between Koh Samui and the Suratthani mainland).

Silver Beach, Koh Samui
How to reach from Bangkok  - 


There are many daily flights from the International and domestic Airport in Bangkok; Suvarnabhumi Airport (opened in September 2006). Bangkok Air flies direct to Samui Airport. A flight schedule with Bangkok Airways is found here. Also Thai Airways has a two daily flights to Samui Airport (since February 2008).Thai Airways and Air Asia also flies to Suratthani. From there, just catch the bus or taxi to the ferry in Donsak.

Panorama BanTai

If you prefer a more economical way to travel, we recommend a so called VIP bus from the well-known Khao San Road or from the Southern Bus Terminal at Boromrat Chonnani Road. The VIP buses are more comfortable, and has less seats than a so called A/C bus. You can buy a ticket in almost every travel agency in Bangkok. The ferry ticket is sometimes included in the price.


Another comfortable way to travel is the night train from Hualamphong, (the Bangkok railway station) to Suratthani. The sleeping cars has rather comfortable beds. To travel by railway is a little more expensive than the bus, but you will probably get a better sleep. Upper beds are less expensive than the lower ones. A private "first class" cabin for two persons, is also available. Ideal for couples!

Ferry in the Sea
Ferry - The fastest ferries departures from the two main piers in Donsak on the main land with the operators Seatran, and Raja Ferry. The price is about 150 baht for passengers and 420 baht for cars (2009). You will see many of the small surrounding islands if you don't fall asleep.

You might also take the Lomprayah catamaran which departures from Chumphon. The also offer bus rides from Banglamphu in Bangkok. On smaller ferries (such as the ones operated by Songserm from smaller piers situated at the Suratthani coastline), you might be contacted by Thai guys trying to convince you that "their" resort on Samui is the one to choose. It can be a blank or a prize in that "lottery". 

Money and ATMs

Nowadays there are many exchange offices (mini banks) and especially ATM machines on the island which accepts all major credit, electron and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Amex etc. You will also find many banks on the major beaches and in Nathon.

Nightlife and Bars

On Samui you'll find a few nightclubs and discotheques if you like that kind of entertainment. We can recommend; Green Mango (on Soi Green Mango next to Chaweng Bach Road), Reggae Pub (on Chaweng beach) and Bauhaus, Super Sub (on Lamai beach) There are also smaller pubs and bars all over the island. Enjoy! So called girlie bars are rather common and often a little more expensive. If you are a man, do not be to surprised if one of the girls wants to follow you to your room. Normally she is not too serious if she say that she is in love with you though. She is doing it as a work to support herself and often also her family.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Travelling to Asia

A trip to Asia is thoroughly exciting and will introduce you to new customs and cultures. Once you back from the journey, you will likely have good stories and snapshots to share with your family and friends. There are few tips to make this vacation even more exciting and unforgettable:

      1) Learn the  Basic words and phrases of Asian Language through online tutorials

As we all know, many people in United States learn the others languages like Spanish, Italian etc so that they can understand the basic phrase and words of Spanish, Italian and French.But the Asian languages are completely different from any of the above mentioned ones. , Truly being able to immerse yourself in the culture, dine on the foods and visit the museums is going to require that you have at least some knowledge of the language in the country, or countries, that you are planning to visit.

       2) Be a Mentor on the Vacations

While we did use the word “vacation,” traveling to Asia can also be an opportunity to grow and develop as a person and educator. In a great deal of Asian countries, many students seek to learn English. Therefore, you can look into becoming a teacher of the English language. From youngsters to older people who want to expand their horizons, many individuals are looking for instructors. Quite a number of structured programs are available for individuals who want to teach in one of these countries.

      3) Plan appropriately to explore more

Asia is a huge continent consisting of China, Japan, India, Russia and so many other astonishing countries. To try to explore a whole cluster of them during a tiny trip would be virtually unfeasible. As a result, be sure to select the appropriate amount of time for the sites that you wish to see. Like, a well planned two week trip will surely allow for some journeys to multiple countries, such as Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

4) Focus on Minute Details to explore

While you are on vacation, you are going to want to see some of the sites that have made the continent renowned. Do not forget about the pleasantries of a small village shop or a conversation with the locals though. Checking out the gifts at a business owned by individuals in the community can really help to give you a sense of Asian culture. Furthermore, be open to conversations with everyday individuals. You’ll likely be really surprised at what you learn from the people who live in these diverse nations. Essentially, you want to give attention to all of the tourist attractions, sites and experiences, no matter how large or small they are.

All the very best for your unforgettable experience.  J